Texsan Medical Ltd


Texsan Medical safety products Polyvet Extra® offer a range of single-use protective clothing of polyethylene to serve against minor and major risks in the field of the chemical industry, industrial cleaning, oil industry, transportation of hazardous materials, pharmaceutical industry or other contaminated environment.

Texsan Medical offers variety of products serving different areas of application in terms of prevention of users’ health and care for customers’ safety and comfort. The products are made of soft and user friendly materials and have comfortable design for easing the users. For use in cosmetic and spa centers, industry areas with minor risks, etc.

We at Texsan have developed a wide range of medical products for the veterinary services such as surgical drapes, wound treatment sets and visitor gowns. The veterinary production has adopted the strict quality standards applied in human medical production and all other products have been brought up to meet these requirements.

Protection and care for patients is the key goal of Texsan Medical applied in all products and manufacturing processes in our company. Emergency accessories range consists of blankets, drapes, bed covers, broken arm slings, etc., meant to be used by fire services, ambulances and other urgent circumstances.